State of the art webinar solution. We offer
scalability, security and more. All at an affordable price.

We know you have choices. Take a look at just a few of the
great features. MyWebinarPlace provides you to make
your next webinar the next best thing to being there.

  • HD-Quality Video
  • Teleconferencing Integration
  • Extensive Polls & Surveys
  • Video Streaming
  • Closed Captioning
  • Offline Event Playback
  • Exclusive Screen Sharing
  • Chat Translation Services
  • HD-Quality Video

    MyWebinarPlace strives to create an environment that comes as close as possible to physically meeting with your attendees in person. One way we achieve this is with our HD Quality Video. Whether you are showing your presenters on video or showing a product. The video is sharp and clear for your viewers…with no software to download to view! Top

  • Teleconferencing Integration

    MyWebinarPlace customers can take advantage of the free TOLL audio conferencing feature that is built into the platform. Your customers can choose between dialing into the webinar using their telephone from most major countries or simply listening to the audio via their computer speakers. Top

  • Screen Share

    Sometimes it takes more than a PowerPoint to get your message across to your audience. MyWebinarPlace has built in Screen Share that not only shares your screen, but highlights your cursor in yellow to make it easier for your audience to follow and flashes red anytime you click your mouse. Also there is no need to tell MyWebinarPlace which screen or app you want to share, with the MyWebinarPlace advanced Screen Share technology; we ONLY show the app you currently are working in. Just use your computer as you normally would and the MyWebinarPlace screen share app will do the rest….automatically! Top

  • Chat Translation

    The power of the Internet can allow you to easily reach any country on the planet with the click of a mouse. MyWebinarPlace makes presenting to attendees in other languages by the use of it’s built in text translator. Attendees can type their questions in any one of over 16 languages and be instantly translated to the presenter’s native language. With the MyWebinarPlace translation feature, everyone can communicate no matter what language they type in! Top

  • Polls & Surveys

    How do you really read the pulse of your audience? MyWebinarPlace has real-time Polls and Survey features that allow you to push real-time polls and surveys out during live events and get immediate feedback. Attendees that miss the live event, but watch the recorded on-demand version also get the surveys and polls that the live viewers experienced. Top

  • Simultaneous Video Streaming

    We realize that you will not always have ONE presenter presenting during an event. The MyWebianrPlace will allow up to 12 individual presenters to share their video at the same time. This is great for Q & A panels or team meetings where multiple people need to be seen and heard. Top

  • Scalability

    Whether your meeting with a group of 1 or 10,000, MyWebinarPlace has the infrastructure to support your needs.Our data centers have scalability to ensure a meeting of virtually any size will be a success. Top

  • Offline Event Playback

    To make access to your events as universally accessible as possible, each recorded on-demand event can also be made to play off-line, without the need for an internet connection by allowing your attendee to download the event to their computer. In addition, a podcast MP3 file can be downloaded from each event to be played on most major portable media players. Top

  • Security

    MyWebinarPlace takes security very seriously. Every event has various types of security that you can activate when setting up your event. From password protection, one time use URL’s to restricting or allowing specific domains are active with the simple click of your mouse. Top

  • Closed Captioning

    In an effort to make theMyWebianrPlace platform as accessible as possible, we have Closed Captioning software built into our platform. With the aid of a Closed Captionist professional not only can the hearing impaired read the closed captioning as the presenter speaks, our built in translation service automatically translates the closed captioning in over 16 languages. (*contact MWP reprehensive for Closed Captioning pricing). Top

  • Event Facilitation

    Fully Facilitated – let a professional MWP event facilitator manage your entire event. Your only job is to show up and present…we do the rest.

    Concierge Service – This feature places a bell icon on your presenters screen. If at any time before, during or after your event you incounter problems, a trained MWP customer service agent will help you. They will immeditealy know which room you are in and can view the problem and chat with you about a solution.