About Us

Headquartered outside of Houston Texas, MyWebinarPlacehas been providing webinar solutions for fortune 100 companies for over 10 years.

The MyWebinarPlace solution was built from the ground up with many of the features being recommended directly by their customers by which they offer easy-to-use, yet high scale solutions. Whether you are a small home based company or a large scale corporation, MyWebinarPlace has an economical streamline solution for you. The MyWebinarPlace facilities are state-of-the-art in that we have multiple redundant fiber lines running into our building for ensuring there is no downtime regarding our Internet connection. In addition, we have dual UPS systems to ensure there is no interruption to service during switchover. All internal services, including air-conditioning, filtering and power operate on double or triple circuits, with automatic switchover from main to standby in case of failure. Main and standby systems are regularly swapped over to allow routine maintenance and servicing, as well ensuring that the standby systems will operate in a live environment.